Rhinocerus T-shirt


Cotton t-shirt, available in withe printed with the famous rhinoceros drawing by Albrecht Durer.

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Rhinocerus T-shirt with the famous woodcut by Albrecht Durer.

Available in white with black printing in a regular unisex t-shirt model.

About Rhinocerus:

Rhinocerus was the first Indian rhinoceros to be seen in Europe.

He landed in Lisbon in the year of 1515 sent by King D. Manuel of Portugal.

Albrecht Durer drew this rhinoceros from oral descriptions and it became very famous special when the rhino died on it’s way to the Vatican.

The original by Durer is at the British Museum in London.

You can find some durer’s rhinoceros history at the Guardian, Met Museum or Royal Collection Trust.

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* Our parts are unique, produced unit by unit, which means there are always small variations in texture or colour.

About the Author and it’s relationship with  the Portuguese.

Rhinocerus was the first work connecting Durer with Portugal.

In the years of 1520 and 1521, Durer visited the Netherlands and kept a detailed diary of it’s relationship with the Portuguese.

Durer was fascinated by the exotic products like rhinos, coconuts, wine, corals, parrots, brought by the Portuguese during the Discoveries.

On August 1520, as soon as he arrived in Antwerp, he visited the Portuguese João Brandão (director of the trading post) and portrayed  him.

He then establishes a more personal relationship with Rui Fernades de Almada, the secretary of the trading post.

In his diary Durer describes Fernandes de Almada as a man of great humanism and talent. He writes that on May the 16th of 1521 offers the Portuguese a Saint Jerome painting.

Shortly afterwards, he draws a drawing of Rui Fernandes de Almada, who is in the Albertina museum in Viena, and another drawn picture, the Black Catherine, who is now in the Uffizi in Florence.

To the successor of João Brandão, Francisco Pessoa, Durer offers a Veronica and multiple drawings.

The Portuguese returned offering him wine spices and living animals.

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