TTees Collection. All our tees are cotton made. We sell regular unisex fit, women fit, tank top and kids models. We have a special collection of organic cotton tees, made in Portugal by certified entities with certified organic fibers. The organic cotton fit designed by us has the purpose of maximising elegance and comfort.

All our tees are designed by artists, some focus in Lisbon or Portugal icons others are more universal.

We have a variety of designs that includes sports like biking, surfing or rugby but we also have trees, swallows or sardines.
You can find poets as well, one our most important collection is the Fernando Pessoa Collection. This Portuguese poet inspired Luís Val to create coasters, mouse pads bags and tees with some of his poetic work and thoughts.

About the t-shirts printing

Creative Lisbon uses digital printing technology.
Digital printing assures a high quality image reproduction and smooth texture.

About cotton

Cotton is very comfortable and flexible material that is also hypoallergenic and because of that everyone can use it!
Cotton organically grown assures more sustainable and healthy soils and ecosystems.  That is why using it means you’re contributing to a better environment in a more sustainable world.

Find the entire Collection here.

* Our tees are unique, produced unit by unit, therefore there are always small variations in texture or color.