Surf Nazaré Glass Board T-shirt


Comfortable and stylish cotton t-shirt. Available in black, white and heather grey.

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Surf Nazaré Glass Board T-shirt

Surf Nazaré Glass Board T-shirt, 3 comfortable organic cotton colors: black, white and heather grey.
Glass Board is a lovely image, an original design by Creative Lisbon inspired by Nazaré.

Surfing Nazaré

You may know Nazaré because of the big waves surfed by Garret McNamara and Rodrigo Koxa. Nazaré’s north canyon is amazing for big waves and these 2 made it worldwide famous.

Nazaré has 2 beautiful beaches, Nazaré and Praia do Norte, in between is the famous lighthouse one can see in pictures from The Guardian.

Surf Collection

Surf Nazaré Glass Board T-shirt is part of the “Surf in Portugal Collection” that includes t-tees, bags, aprons, light, cork coasters and trivets, mouse pads and mugs with different surf boards.

* Our parts are unique, produced unit by unit, which means there are always small variations in texture or colour.

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