Rhinocerus Wood Print


Printed birch wood with the beautiful and famous rhinoceros drawing by Albrecht Durer. Choose the dimension you prefer. Suitable to hang and stand.



Rhinocerus Wood Print

Birch wood beautifully printed with Rhinocerus. The famous engraving by Albrecht Durer on your walls will make a marvelous decoration.

Simple images like Rhinocerus look amazing printed on wood. The combination of the birch natural color with the black drawing is what makes the Rhinocerus wood print an outstanding and unique piece of art.

The Rhinocerus wood print is prepared to hang on the wall or stand on a right surface.

Rhinocerus Wood Print

About Rhinocerus:

Rhinocerus was the first Indian rhino to be seen in Europe. In the year of 1515, on may the 21st it landed in Lisbon. The drawing by Durer became very famous for many reasons. You may read about it at Carré D’artistes. at , Met Museum or Royal Collection Trust.

Or you may take a look at one of many originals by Durer is at the British Museum in London.

The Rhinocerus Wood Print is part of a unique Collection . The drawing looks incredible on organic cotton tees, cork coasters and mouse pads,  recycled cotton bags, ceramic mugs and a very beautiful cotton canvas.



  • 20 x 15 cm

  • 40 x 30 cm

  • 50 x 40 cm

Suitable to hang or stand.


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