Red Pyramid Tree T-shirt


Cotton T-shirt by Luís Val. Available in black.

Also available on women fit t-shirt and tank top.

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Red Pyramid Tree T-shirt.

The stylish red pyramid tree t-shirt is available in black.

Trees are a beautiful inspiration to create products like t-shirts, tank tops or bags.

Depending on the climate trees tend to have particular characteristics and some are really different.

Some good examples are the Baobab Tree from Africa, the Socotra’s Dragon Tree or the Eucalyptus from Australia.

Trees and plants are responsible for a magic process that cleans our air and makes it good for breathing.

Live wouldn’t be possible without trees and plants.

A T-shirt by Luís Val, a Portuguese designer who creates products for Creative Lisbon.

Also available on women fit t-shirt and tank top.

This beautiful regular fit t-shirt is cotton made.

Cotton is a natural fiber that everyone can use because it’s hypoallergenic, take good care of your tank, using a suitable detergent.

Get to know the “Naked Trees Collection” that includes t-shirts, bags, aprons, coasters and trivets.

* Our parts are unique, produced unit by unit, which means there are always small variations in texture or colour.

You can find our products at some Stores in Lisbon and Sagres.

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