Portuguese Water Dog T-shirt


Cotton T-shirt is available in white and heather grey.

Also available on tank top and women fit t-shirt model.

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Portuguese Water Dog T-shirt by Luís Val

This comfortable cotton t-shirt is available in white, red, heather grey and atol blue.

Also available on tank top and women fit t-shirt model.

About the Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog, known for it’s intelligence, spirit, strength and soundness, looks wonderful on this notebook.

This is a breed more and more present all over the world.

It became famous after the Obama’s Bo and Sunny.

This breed is classified by the American Kennel Club as a working one, it’s origin is the Portuguese region of Algarve in the south of the country. They used to help fisherman on their fishing trips.

It is a robust dog cover with either wavy-haired variety or curly-coated variety .

Portuguese Water Dog has a single-layered coat that does not shed, consequently their presence is tolerated well among many people who suffer from dog allergies.

The coat is usually worn in a “retriever cut” or a “lion cut”.

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