Portuguese Water Dog Notebook


Lined notebook with a hard raw cotton cover digitally printed.


  • Width – 14 cm
  • Heigh – 21 cm
  • Thikness – 15 mm
  • Number of sheets – 96


Portuguese Water Dog Notebook.

Show your love for the water dog, a lovely image by artist Luís Val.

The Portuguese Water Dog, known for it’s intelligence, spirit, strength and soundness, looks wonderful on this notebook.

This is a breed more and more present all over the world.

The Portuguese water dog became famous after the Obama’s Bo and Sunny.

This breed is classified by the American Kennel Club as a working one, it’s origin is the Portuguese region of Algarve in the south of the country. They used to help fisherman on their fishing trips.

It is a robust breed cover with either wavy-haired variety or curly-coated variety .

Portuguese Water Dog have a single-layered coat that does not shed, consequently their presence is tolerated well among many people who suffer from dog allergies.

The coat is usually worn in a “retriever cut” or a “lion cut”.

Lined notebook with 96 sheets and a hard raw cotton cover digitally printed.

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* Our parts are unique, produced unit by unit, which means there are always small variations in texture or colour.

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Additional information


14 x 21 cm


15 mm