Personalized Tote Bag


Personalized tote bag is available in green, yellow and light grey.

Use it on a daily basis for shopping, to carry everything you need, books, phone, wallet, or just offer it to someone you love. Personalize the bag with your original design, painting, photo or text. See below how to do you bag and send your file.

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Personalized Tote Bag

The Personalized tote bag is available in green, yellow and light grey. Just print your pet photo, some text or design from someone you love. Use it for shopping, to carry your staff, books, wallet, glasses….. Or you may just offer it as an original gift. You don’t have to go out for shopping!

Bag dimensions: width – 38 cm; height- 42 cm ; straps – 28 cm;

How to make your Personalized Tote Bag

  1. Select an original image, text, design you want to print;
  2. Make a file on one of the 2 formats – .jpg or .png;
  3. Make sure the file has a good definition;
  4. Send the file using the form on your right;
  5. Choose the bag color you want;
  6. Make the payment and write the delivery address;
  7. We will send You a confirmation e-mail ;
  8. After confirmation the bag will arrive in a maximum 5 working days.

Maxim printing area 30 x 30 cm. As a guide please take a look at the examples below.

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  • Cotton

  • Digital printing

  • Printing area 30 x 30 cm

  • Plastic free packaging

Made in Portugal

Send your file for printing.

Any purchase received without file will be confirmed by e-mail.