Organic Woman Tee Surf Nazaré


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100% organic cotton with a special and very elegant woman fit. The design of a shoal is an original by Portuguese designer Luís Val


Organic Woman Tee Surf Nazaré

Organic Woman Tee Surf Nazaré with a beautiful and elegant woman fit, made of certified organic cotton.
Perfect for a casual and comfortable look the tee is part of a collection dedicated to Surf.
Digital printing assures a high quality and resistant printing.

About Organic Cotton

This is why we use organic cotton.
Organic Cotton is produced according to certified agricultural processes that are more natural. These processes do not allow the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms.
As a result we have more sustainable and healthy soils and ecosystems.

Organic Woman Tee Surf Nazaré is part of the “Organic & Recycled Collection” that  includes tees, bags, apron, cork coasters, trivets and mouse pads.


Origin: Imported

Material: Organic Cotton

Produced with certified fabrics by certified entities

T-shirt Model: Oporto

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About Nazaré

You may know Nazaré because of the big waves surfed by Garret McNamara and Rodrigo Koxa.
Portugal is a marvelous country for surf either if you are a beginner or want big waves.
The climate is mild and we have some of the best waves in Europe and some of the biggest in the world.
Different spots, lots of surf schools and wonderful food make it Top choice for surf lovers.
Nazaré, Ribeira d’Ilhas, Supertubos, Ericeira, Tonel, Baleal, Amado, and so many more from north to south of the country. You just have to choose the perfect one for you!