Lisbon Sardines Notebook


Plain paper notebook with a hard raw cotton cover digitally printed. Text Lisboa.


  • Width – 14 cm
  • Heigh – 21 cm
  • Thikness – 1 cm
  • Number of sheets – 80


Lisbon Sardines Notebook with a shoal of green sardines.

Show your love for the sardines, a lovely image by artist Luís Val.

The sardines are traditionally silver, here they gained colour!

Luís Val, a Portuguese designer who lives in Lisbon and is part of the group of artists who creates new products for Creative Lisbon.

The Lisbon Sardines Notebook is a stylish notebook you can use on a daily bases to draw, take notes or write everything you want!

Plain paper with 80 sheets and a hard raw cotton cover digitally printed.

Get to know the “Lisbon Sardines Collection” that includes t-shirts, bags, aprons, coasters, trivet, a light and a notebook.

* Our parts are unique, produced unit by unit, which means there are always small variations in texture or colour.

You can find our products at some Stores in Lisbon and Sagres.

About the Sardine

Sardine or Pilchard?

Depending on the size and place you call it either one or the other.

There are several genera of sardine like South American, Indian, European, Rainbow, white,  etc…

You can grill pickle or smoke your sardines or you can try the canned sardines.

The fish is rich in vitamins and minerals, mainly: B2 e 12, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, iron and selenium

Sardines are caught during the night when they surface to eat zooplankton.

Additional information


14 x 21 cm


1 cm