Cork Oak T-shirt


Coar Oak T-shirt is available in white, red, heather grey, natural and khaki.

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Cork Oak T-shirt.

This comfortable cotton t-shirt is available in white, red, heather grey, natural and khaki.

Cork Oak T-shirt by Luís Val with a photo of a Cork Tree is beautiful.

The oak tree produces cork that is 100 % recyclable. Because of it’s characteristics cork is used in different industries from construction to home ware.

It’s scientific name is Quercus Suber, is very popular in the Mediterranean woodlands and forests.

It’s one of the major plant communities in Portugal and it is the home land for endangered Iberian Lynx.

Portugal is the world’s biggest cork producer with products like wine corks, design furniture and objects.

In case of fire the cork oak has a thick, insulating bark  that allows it to survive and regrow branches quickly.

This quick regeneration capability makes it very successful in the fire-adapted ecosystems.

Get to know the “Cork Oak Collection” that includes t-shirts, bags, aprons, coasters, trivets and a notebook.

* Our parts are unique, produced unit by unit, which means there are always small variations in texture or colour.

You can find our products at some Stores in Lisbon and Sagres.

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