Cork Coasters Women Quotes


A set of 4 cork coasters printed with famous quotes about women. You can choose style squared or round.
Cork is light yet very resistant and beautiful.This cork is made in Portugal and 100% recyclable.


Cork Coasters Women Quotes

Women Quotes, a set of 4 light and beautiful cork made coasters, printed with famous quotes about women.
Oscar Wilde, Ian Fleming, Stephen Hawking and Desiderius Erasmus.

About Cork

Cork is 100% recyclable. You can use it indoors and outdoors because it is very resistant. Nevertheless You must treat it carefully, avoiding to immerse it in water. To clean these trivet you may use a damp cloth and suitable detergent.

About The Authors

Desiderius Erasmus was a Dutch philosopher that lived between 1889 e 1977. The European Erasmus Programme for students exchange was named after him. Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet and playwright that lived between 1854 e 1900.
Ian Fleming was an English journalist and author that became very famous for the James Bond spy novel series.
Stephen Hawking, was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author who was director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge.


  • Organic Cork

  • Made in Portugal

  • Recyclable

  • Plastic free packaging


  • Squared  – 9,5 x 9,5cm
  • Diameter – 9,5cm
  • Thickness – 3mm

Cork Coasters Women Quotes is part of the  “Organic & Recycled Collection” that includes tees, bags, coasters, trivets and aprons.

* Our parts are unique, produced unit by unit, which means there are always small variations in texture or colour.