Personalized Gifts, this is your Creative Lab! Create your own, unique, original gifts!

Create Memorable Gifts

Personalized Gifts Guide will guide you on best practices to get the most out of your creation. Personalizing a tee, bag, mug or any order item is the best way to offer a unique gift but you must choose your image carefully and make your file with good quality.

What is a good Image?

A good image is the one you love! But it’s also the one that looks good printed on your gift. Some images fit all formats but some do not!

The first step is to choose an image you love and second is to choose the best format to print it.

The Perfect Choice

You love this image and want to print it on a birch wood board.

Choose the portrait format. It looks great!


Please be aware that all white on the original image will became wood colored when printed on a birch board. Take a good look at the right image.

Original Image

Wood Print

You want to print a mug or a t-shirt with the same image.

The Perfect Choice

We advise you to choose the round format.

The kind of background of this image would not look the best on a mug or t-shirt.

You do not have to work the image. We do it for you.

Original Image



Follow this simple guidelines and create beautiful personalized gifts!