Organic and Recycled Collection

The Organic and Recycled Collection was develop because we want to contribute to a better world! The materials, the process and the designs behind the collection reflect these wish!

Designed for people concerned about climate change, the use of plastic, those whom value recycling and reusable products.

Organic and Recycled Collection includes a variety of t-shirts, bags, coasters, trivets and mouse pads inspired by life and nature. If you’re looking for gift suggestions for your husband, wife, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandmother, grandfather, anyone… take a look at this collection.

About Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton is produced according to certified agricultural processes that are more natural. These processes do not allow the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. As a result we have more sustainable and healthy soils and ecosystems.

Main Characteristics of the Grown Process

Seeds, natural untreated GMO free.

Soil, crop rotation, increased organic matter, more moisture.

Weed Control, natural balance, insects and trap crops.

Harvesting, natural defoliation.

Production, uses nontoxic cornstarch.

Whitening, with peroxide.

Finishing water with ash for pH 7.5 to 8.

Because of these processes organic cotton grown has a low impact on the environment, keeping the soil fertility within a biologically diverse agriculture.

If you feel like reading about organic cotton farming click here.

About Organic Cork.

Cork is a natural plant tissue! Cork is the bark of the cork Oak, it’s harvested between May and August by specialised workers.  When the tree reaches 25–30 years of age and about 60cm (24 in) in circumference, the cork can be removed for the first time and then, every 9 years. The Cork Oak lives for about 200 years (on average) witch means that it can be stripped for about 17 times. It’s the only tree whose bark regenerates.

Main Characteristics

Light because over 50% of its volume is air.

Elastic because when compressed on one side, does not increase in volume on another.

Impermeable, to liquids and gas, because of the suberin and ceroids contained in the cell walls.

Insulator, to temperature and sound, because has low conductivity to heat, noise and vibration.

Fire Retardant because it burns without flame.

Abrasion Resistant because of its honeycomb structure.

Hypoallergenic because it doesn’t absorb dust.

Because of these qualities organic cork is used in a large variety of products in construction, fashion, design, health, energy production and the aerospace industry. In its early years, the first two harvests as well as the cork removed from the base of the tree, are used as raw material, it’s only when the tree reaches 43 years, that the stripped bark is good enough to produce wine stoppers.

“”At Creative Lisbon we aim to contribute to a more sustainable world. Less pollution, more reutilisation and more recycling. That is why we use organic and recycled cotton and cork from suppliers that have the necessary certifications, and are committed to a fair process of production and trade.”