New Collection Big Bugs

New Collection Big Bugs designed by our resident artist Luís Val is here!

The photos on the collection are from different authors and they look beautiful in every piece. Luís Val selected the images and named each bug after one day of the week. That is to say you will find Monday bug, Tuesday bug…..Sunday Bug.

The collection includes tees, polo shirts, tote bags, coasters, trivets and mouse pads, produced with organic and recycled cotton and organic cork.


The t-shirt in this collection is the model Lisboa. This is a t-shirt designed by us and made in Portugal with white organic cotton. The fit is very elegant and the tissue is very comfortable. It’s a Regular Unisex Model for both man and women. The Big Bugs printed Big look amazing in it! Curious? Take a look.

Recycled Cotton Tote Bags

The Tote Bags look beautiful printed with the big bugs. The chosen model, a tote bag made of recycled cotton is available in six different colors: yellow, green, light grey, blue, red and black. It will be hard to choose one! These are  practical reusable bags for a daily use, very resistant. To wash the bags use a regular clothing detergent at 30º temperature.

Table Top and Kitchenware

Table Top and Kitchenware is cork and cotton made! The cork coasters and trivets look beautifully printed with the bugs. Made in Portugal, this cork is very smooth, resistant and 100% recyclable.

The Collection Big Bugs offers 2 different models of glass coasters –  round and squared. One model of trivets – round, small and large formats. You may clean the cork using a damp cloth but avoiding to immerse it in water.

Cotton aprons have 2 front pockets, waist tie and a sliding adjustable buckle neck strap is also available. One size fits all. Available in white and black.

Small Office Home Office


The notebooks on the New Collection Big Bugs are precious, plain paper, hard cover lined with raw cotton, very handy. Perfect to write or to draw. There are 7 different image of bugs available. Available on A5 Size.

Cork Mouse Pads

We offer 4 different big bugs. The mouse pads are available round and rectangular. Cork is really smooth and you will love these. The Big Bugs available are: Friday Bug, Sunday Bug, Tuesday Bug and Thursday Bug. The mouse pads are sold in packs of 2, one round and one rectangular.

You can take a look at the new collection big bugs

About Big Bugs

Big Bugs are part of the insects family. Insects are almost 90% of life forms in earth. They hatch from eggs.

Bugs like the Titan Beetle or the Acateon Beetle, from the Amazon rain forest, are among the biggest bugs in the world.  They are a draw for tourism in the region!

In Thailand the Giant Water Bug is considered good for eating despite they can deliver a powerful bite.

In Africa, the beautiful Goliath Beetle when in captivity is feed with cat and dog meet despite they are considered to be vegetarian in the wild.

The Giant Burrowing Cockroach of Australia is a good pet for the reason that it breaks down the dead leafs. And why is this important? It contributes to the ecosystem balance. Finally, because it isn’t considered a pest! This bug has no wing. It’s also known as the Rhinoceros cockroach.

There is a lot to learn about big bugs or insects in general.  We suggest you  Wikipedia, How Stuff Works